Author Heidi Siefkas explains Look Up:

In 2010, I unveiled a holiday to the world, Look Up Day. It started as a celebration each month on the 27th as a way for me to share the powerful lesson that I learned from a traumatic, life-altering accident (9/27/09). It has since morphed into more than just a holiday, but a powerful, wise mantra.

The wisdom behind Look Up is twofold:Look_Up_Logo_Heidi_Siefkas

1) Be in the moment, appreciating the beauty around you as well as hazards.

2) Find the upside. All of life’s hurdles, hiccups, and wounds turn into wisdom.

How to spread #LookUp?

1) Purchase and Gift These Three Books

As a way to spread the message of Look Up, I have written three books: When All Balls DropWith New Eyes, and Cubicle to Cuba. In all, I convey the powerful tool that we all possess, which is perspective.

I used Look Up to triumph from my full-blown life catastrophe where I lost everything. AND, I continue to use it to get through life’s little hiccups like a TSA line at any airport or grocery shopping before a holiday.These two wise words remind us all that we have the power to shift the way we frame any situation. We may not have control to change the circumstances, but we do have the power of perspective.


2) Use #LookUp on Social Media

3) Purchase and Gift #LookUp T-shirts and more

Look Up items like t-shirts and cell phone wallets are available for purchase for adults and kids alike.

4) Invite Heidi Siefkas to Speak at Your Event

Here's to looking up!