It’s Time to Look Up


The list of grievances for 2020 is long (insert your personal 2020 laundry list with plenty of four-letter words here). No country, community, business, family, or person has not felt the effects of this pivotal year. You know, I know, and the world knows 2020 will go down in the history books.

Could There be an Upside to 2020?

Many, including the media, focus on the negative effects of this heck of a mess. With the election propaganda, staggering unemployment numbers, and continued unfathomable numbers of Covid-cases, it is difficult not to get caught up in the downward spiral.

It's Time to Look Up


Wherever you are and whatever you are going through, you can implement a dose of positivity and perspective to 2020 by using the Look Up Mantra:

Look Up reminds us all now during the pandemic and post-pandemic to:

  1. Be in the moment
  2. Find the upside

Is There an Upside to Your 2020?


At first many of the 2020 changes: job loss, canceled events, no travel, countless losses, and other closures, appear to be negative, perhaps these have forced us all to look at our lives under a microscope.

I know from the When All Balls Drop event that caused me to create the Look Up Mantra that we have little control over this thing called life. However, we do have a tremendous power, which is perspective. You have the master remote control of your thoughts and how you frame your 2020.

Please share your upside to 2020 in the comments below!

As always, here's to looking up!

2 Responses

  1. Some of my look up moments of 2020... even though we couldn’t travel I really enjoyed putting a garden in and growing our own food this year. So much produce we almost became vegetarians!!! Even with the gyms closed and no Zumba.... we turned a guest bedroom into a mini gym and hired a trainer once a week. She trained us outside on the patio safely and now I don’t ever have to go to the gym again. Instead of meeting friends for lunch we turned our meet days into distanced walks on the beach and every Friday paddle board days at the harbor. Easy to social distance on the water and still keep up a friendship. It was so fun we are going to keep doing it all winter but with kayaks and warm water proof clothes. Life is good!
    • Heidi Siefkas
      Definitely a lot of upsides in your 2020. I agree about getting outdoors as one of the upsides of 2020 for sure. In fact, 2020 posed a way for me to move to Maui. I'm certainly taking advantage of the outdoor opportunities here.

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