Look Up Reminder from Humpback Whales

As a child growing up in the Midwest, I was curious about all things in the sea. I collected shells. I wanted to one day swim in the ocean. And, of course, I dreamed of visiting Seaworld. This marine curiosity continued into adulthood. I have become a certified scuba diver as well as an above-average stand-up paddleboarder and kayaker.

Maui Winter = Humpback Whales


Since moving from small-town Wisconsin. I have had the opportunity to live many beautiful places around the world and along the ocean: Florida, Kauai, Massachusetts, and Alaska. In 2021, I find myself once again in the Hawaiian Islands. This time, I hang my hat in Maui. This time of year on the Valley Isle it is humpback whale season. Every winter from December through early April the humpback whales make their way from Alaska to Hawaii to breed and give birth.

You can witness humpback whales along the entire Hawaiian island chain; however,  the frolicking capital of humpback whales is in Maui. Its shallow, warm waters are inviting for the mothers that are going to give birth. Maui’s beauty inspires romance for many, including generations of honeymooning humans as well as centuries of humpback whales.

Spotting a Fluke, Tail, or Breach


The sighting of humpback whales is majestic. It’s something that stops you from whatever you’re doing. It forces you to pay attention to what will happen next. This is why I choose to share this Look Up reminder from humpback whales.

Look Up Mantra


I created the Look Up Mantra over 10 years ago. It was a reminder of the lesson I learned from a tragic accident. Look Up is a life tool that you can use anywhere and at any time to remind yourself to 1) be in the moment 2) find the upside.

Practicing Look Up with the Help of Whales


At least once a week, I take the opportunity to head to the coast for a sunset whale watch.  I drop the to-do list and pack up the car. When I take a seat and search the horizon for spouts, the mental chatter of the day goes silent. The humpbacks have my full attention.

Look Up Reminder from Nature

Regardless of where in the world you are, Mother Nature helps you embrace Look Up. Take time to enjoy your neighborhood’s birds. Stop for fifteen minutes to witness the sunset. Perhaps, set your alarm early to catch the sunrise. Mother Nature is a powerful reminder to Look Up.

Here’s to looking up with or without whales!

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