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Top Tips for An Amalfi Coast Adventure

Amalfi coastline tops the list of the most adventurous destinations in Italy. A trip to the Amalfi coastal beaches can help cultivate a stronger bonding between lovers, business relations, and families. The nature of the place explains itself just on arriving. It sits in the southern part of Italy in Salerno province. The location is…
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Eataly – Culinary Travel to Florence Italy

They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, that goes for this adventurer as well. Last month, I was able to feast my eyes (and stomach) on Florence, Italy. Yes, I did climb the Duomo. Also, I admired the details of the grand feat of David, which was much larger…
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Scaling the Coliseum Walls – Rome Adventure

When you go to Rome there are certain sights that just cannot be missed: the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Spanish steps, many of the gelato stores, and of course the Coliseum. First Time to Rome My first time to Rome was on a very quick 2-day visit in late December about ten years ago. I remember…
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