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When All Balls Drop

“When All Balls Drop is a powerful chronicle of ultimate change and recovery. This is its strength: pointing out the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Midwest Book Review

There are certainly many books written about overcoming adversity. Heidi’s is unique in one important respect. It involves an act of God that quite frankly could happen to any one of us. Here’s is a compelling story of faith, tenacity, humor and accomplishment. You’ll certainly cheer for the author as she heads to the finish line!

Jordan Rich – WBZ CBS Radio Boston

“I recommend When All Balls Drop for anyone who feels a kinship to a story that may enable a search for a way forward on their fateful life path.”

Self Publishing Review

“Siefkas shows us how to handle adversity with humor, candor, and most importantly resilience. I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys uplifting and honest memoirs.”

BookSpin | @BookDude

“What a great life lesson!”

Crafty Mom Zen

“When All Balls Drop is refreshing…5 stars.”


“Heidi Siefkas has taken life’s challenges and not only learned more about herself than any course or book could have taught her but shared her insights through her excellently written book WHEN ALL BALLS DROP! As someone who motivates and inspires clients on a daily basis, I highly recommend this reading to anyone looking to make change, move forward or simply need to be inspired. Well Done!” -Ellen Latham Founder of Orange Theory Fitness

“An uplifting memoir from a 33-year-old woman who, after a harrowing accident struggled to pick up the pieces of her shattered life…The true story of Siefkas’ near-fatal accident and subsequent recovery is remarkable.”

-Kirkus Reviews


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With New Eyes

With New Eyes is recommended for readers who want insights into the process of self-discovery and creating a new life. Feisty and thought-provoking, it’s a saga that starts from the point of losing everything and rebuilds a life, taking its readers along for an exhilarating ride in the process!

– D. Donovan, Senior eBook Review Midwest Book Review

With New Eyes has universal appeal. You’ll come away looking at the small details in your own life with a little more clarity. For a memoir, there may be no higher praise.”

– Self-Publishing Review

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Cubicle to Cuba

“Cubicle to Cuba deftly reveals the heart of the country and its peoples, juxtaposing cultural observations with travel tips and experiences. It is highly recommended for those who want experiential accounts of Cuba and corporate workers who dream of taking the leap into a different kind of lifestyle.” – D. Donovan Midwest Book Review

“I know Cuba well, I know its streets, its tricks, the different currencies, the best souvenirs, the musts, the misses… but I have never been there! It was Heidi who introduced me to this island. I loved every page of Cubicle to Cuba… it is as funny and witty as it is informative and full of valuable travel tips!” – Flavia Santos of Designarie

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