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When people ask me about what I do for a living, I could give them my business card with a bunch of titles and accolades. It is true that I have penned a couple books and I speak for international audiences; however, who I am is a teacher without walls. Whether through my books, presentations, and/or tours, the goal of all of my stories is to inspire others to overcome obstacles and to live a life full of adventure.

Overcoming Obstacles - Remember to Look Up

You will see throughout my stories a mantra, Look Up that I created in 2010. These two powerful words remind us all wherever we are and whatever we are experiencing, whether the good, bad, or ugly, that we have the power to:

      1) Be in the moment
      2) Find the upside
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Get a Dose of Inspiration through These

All the stories that you find here mix the mantra Look Up with personal anecdotes of other inspiration found both on the road and close to home with some adventure.

Here’s to Looking Up!