About Author and Adventurer, Heidi Siefkas:


What do you write about?

I write what I know best, true stories. All of my books, When All Balls DropWith New Eyes, and Cubicle to Cuba, started out as journal entries. My books are meant to inspire readers to overcome obstacles and live a life full of adventure. My newest book, Cubicle to Cuba, shares my many experiences in Cuba. I tell my exciting transition from the corporate world to my hybrid career of traveling and writing. It is full of great travel stories from other adventures beyond Cuba such as New Zealand, Italy, Greece, Peru, Hawaii.

Where do you call home?

That’s an interesting question. As an adventurer, I’m traveling a lot. So, where do I hang my mischievous black hat or Look Up hat when I’m not on the road? I would say in Maui, Hawaii. However, I also make a pilgrimage to the Midwest and New England yearly to visit my hometown in Wisconsin and my clan.

Why do you encourage others to add adventure to their lives?

I've answered this best in my TEDx talk.

You are the creator of the Mantra Look Up. Can you explain Look Up?

The takeaway of all of my books is the power of perspective. You will read in my blog posts as well as hear me say at my events, here’s to looking up! I created Look Up as a way to quickly gain perspective wherever you are and whatever you are going through. It reminds us all to do two things:

  • Be in the moment, appreciating both the beauty as well as hazards around us. In essence, be mindful.
  • Spin each situation positively. Although at first, a circumstance may appear negative, all wounds, hiccups, or obstacles are opportunities.

I share Look Up with you, readers of my books, and the world. Keep it in your back pocket.

Where did you study?

Ha! I’m still studying. Every day, trip I take, or person I meet I learn. However, if you must know my alma mater, I’m a Badger from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Also, I hold a Master’s from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Plus, I know enough about wine to be dangerous in any group of oenophiles.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I have some BIG adventures planned.

  1. I’m transitioning my first book, When All Balls Drop, to film.
  2. As far as travel, both my PIC (Partner In Crime) and I have a lengthy wanderlust list.  We both recently moved to Maui in 2020. So, we will be uncovering gems on the Valley Isle as well as the other Hawaiian Islands. If you want frequent updates, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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