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True, Inspirational stories from around the world

I’m collaborating with individuals from around the world from all walks of life for my next book, Look Up-True, Inspirational Stories from Around the World. I’m seeking people that have true, inspirational stories of overcoming obstacles and challenging societal norms. If you have a badass story with an upside or silver lining that should be shared or know someone that does, please submit the story. Don’t worry; collaborators don’t have to write a word. I’ll do all the wordsmithing; you just sit for a phone or video interview with me.

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What readers and listeners are saying about Heidi
Hi! I'm Heidi Siefkas
(pronounced Seef-kas).

Although I’m originally from small-town Wisconsin (you betcha), I hang my hat in Nashville, TN. However, as an adventurer, I’m rarely home for long. Most likely, you’ll find me in the outdoors on an adventure near or far. Also, I’m a TEDx speaker, creator of the mantra Look Up, and the author of three inspirational, non-fiction books: When All Balls Drop, With New Eyes, and Cubicle to Cuba.

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Do you have a story of overcoming obstacles and finding the upside? Share your Look Up story with me for the 4th book.
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