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Patagonia – Explore Chile’s Unbound Nature

If you’ve ever wanted to know what the end of the world looks like, you’ll find it in Patagonia. Located at the Southern tier of the Andes Mountains near the tip of Chile, Patagonia is where the Southern Hemisphere, Pacific Ocean, and the Straight of Magellan combine their powers to concoct unbelievable landscapes. In one…
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My Shining Moment in Patagonia Chile

My Shining Moment in Patagonia Chile At the top of Torres Del Paine National Park in the winter of 2011, I had a celebration. After three days of hiking along increasingly changeable mountainous terrain and glacier fed lakes – all the while experiencing everything from snow and rain, to summer sun and wind – I…
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Adventures in Torres del Paine Patagonia Chile – Tudo Azul

First, let me explain why I used the unusual Tudo Azul in the title! Although Chile's national language is Spanish, I chose an expression, "Tudo Azul," which comes from Portuguese. It literally translates to everything's blue, but is more commonly understood as everything's rosy. Thus,"Tudo Azul," ties together the positive experience I had traveling through…
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