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Regardless that I’m known to travel quite a bit, I have called South Florida my home, where I hang my hat, and where I vote for the last sixteen years. This past holiday season, I did a cross-country, Route 66 road trip with my other half, placing one of our vehicles on a boat to Maui. This road trip was the first step in moving to Maui. Little did I know, that the second step would be eight months later. However, not much in 2020 has remained on schedule or as anyone could have predicted.

A Reminder


While under quarantine, I went through our attic, garage, and closets. Yes, I stumbled upon many great photos and memories from Wisconsin (Caesar and I), Spain, Massachusetts, and more. It reminded me that since leaving my childhood home, the Sunshine State is where I have resided the longest. There have been many triumphs, friendships, adventures, as well as lessons over the years.

The Biggest Lesson


While packing up a pod in the 90+ degree heat and humidity as well as caulking the kitchen backsplash before an open house (backyard showed above), I may have lost my cool. Let’s face it moving and getting a home ready for sale is not fun even if the move and sale are what you want.

Regardless of the sauna-like conditions and below-average caulk gun, I was stoked that I had done two things right:

1) Scheduled a reminder on my phone each day at noon to Look Up.

2) Purchased plenty of Cuban rum over the years (Click here for mojito recipe)


During my tenure in Florida, I learned how to prepare for a hurricane, how to ground and start a generator, and where to find the best Cuban sandwich, it was this evergreen wisdom of Look Up that was my biggest lesson. Look Up reminds us all of two simple things that we can use to flip the switch from flustered to cool as a cucumber in seconds:

1)Be in the moment, appreciating the beauty around us as well as hazards

2) Find the upside, as every hurdle, hiccup, and wound turns to wisdom.

So whether you have caulk covered hands, you misplaced the packing tape again, or you ran out of propane while cooking your brats, here’s to looking up!

Moving On – Maui New Chapter


While we finish up the paperwork and inspections, the pod in on its way to Maui. It takes about three weeks for it to arrive; whereas, it will take us about fifteen to eighteen hours flying to get Kahului. After getting over jetlag and a mandatory, two-week quarantine, I hope to celebrate the next Look Up Day, September 27th, being in the moment, appreciating the beauty of Maui’s landscape and in awe of the power of the Pacific Ocean. I have no doubt that, like the Sunshine State, the Aloha State will provide many adventures, friendships, and lessons.

Here’s to looking up and moving on!


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