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An Adventure to Auckland New Zealand

Skyline of the City of Sails Imagine a multi-cultural, urban environment with a sunny climate that combines the best of nature: incredible hiking trails, pristine beaches, enchanting islands, and top-notch vineyards, all within a half-hour of the city center.  This one-of-a-kind city is Auckland. Rich in Polynesian culture and a reputation for incredible food and…
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Adventure Travel to the Bay of Islands New Zealand

Get out your bucket list! The North Island of New Zealand and its Bay of Islands must be on it. For those that haven't yet traveled to the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, let me show you what you're missing. Get on with it! (And, for those of you that have already visited this outstanding adventure…
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Ready, Set, Bungy Jump New Zealand

When in New Zealand, do what crazy Kiwis and adrenaline junkies do, BUNGY JUMP! Although it was my maiden voyage to New Zealand with twelve days of adventure travel planned, I thought nothing would kick-off the journey better than bungy jumping 40 meters over the Waitemata Harbour from Auckland's Harbour Bridge. AND, I was right!…
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