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My Favorite Places in Cuba – Wanna Travel to Cuba with Me?

If you are curious about travel to Cuba and want to know what you have been missing, you have come to the right place! In this post, I'll reveal my favorite places in Cuba not only with my description but also by the beautiful photography.  Enjoy this virtual tour of Cuba! It is a fascinating…
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Essential Cuba Travel Tips – Questions About Travel to Cuba Answered

Cuba Travel Tips and Questions about Travel to Cuba Answered With twenty+  thirty+ forty+ trips to Cuba under my belt over the last five  six years, I would consider myself a seasoned adventurer in Cuba. With the recent opening of commercial flights and the surge of cruises, many assume that Cuba is your typical Caribbean tourist…
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Cuban Cocktail Recipe – La Canchánchara

As someone that travels a lot, I typically don't buy many souvenirs. There is not enough space in my humble writing abode or backpack for much. So my best souvenirs over the years have been recipes. In my book, With New Eyes, I included recipes for tortilla española from my years in Spain as well as a…
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