Ways You Can Travel to Cuba in 2017 – It Is Not Too Late


Damas y caballeros (ladies and gentlemen)…

I know the announcement on Friday 6/16/17 by our President scared many.

Well, it isn’t too late. You can still travel to Cuba in 2017.


What changed with travel to Cuba?

The major policy change is for independent travelers who prefer not to travel in groups or with the cruise ships. If you decide to fly or boat to Cuba and do independent travel, you will no longer be able to self-certify. You will need to fall into one of the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) twelve categories of travel to Cuba and do a full-time schedule of events. You will be required to keep a journal as well as receipts and an expense report of your activities to show if asked at immigration in the States. This journal will need to be kept for five years. This policy should lead to more tour group bookings as well as cruises. For those that booked independent travel to Cuba prior to 6/16/17 should be OK. For further clarification on this or other questions, read more direct from the OFAC, click here.

Although the news is a bummer for many Americans that had not had the chance to go to the fascinating island independently, this is bad news for the Cuban people. Independent travelers who stay at casa particulares (BnBs) or eat at paladares (private restaurants) directly impact the lives of Cuban families. Read my piece in the Sun-Sentinel.

This political rivalry has gone on long enough. However, in spite of the challenges that the U.S. Embargo as well as travel restrictions have placed upon the Cuban people, they have persevered. Cuba is a fascinating culture with life lessons for us all. That’s why I immediately fell in love with the spirit of Cuba. It is a culture that appreciates the moment similar to La Dolce Vita but with more humor and salsa.

Ways you can travel to Cuba in 2017:

  • You can go with licensed tour operators on a group tour. Over the past five years, I have worked for various companies. I would highly recommend Gate1Travel and Road Scholar for their Cienfuegos to Havana tour. These groups are typically 20 or fewer individuals. Prices vary on trips and season, but on average 8-days $3,500-$4,000. Before you go, make sure to read this.
  • You can round up a group 10+ and I can be your tour guide for a legal people-to-people experience. The prices vary on length of tour, accommodations, and season. Contact me with when you and your friends want to go!
  • You can go on a cruise. However, you spend more time on the ship with days at sea than actually on the island.
  • For just you and a friend or your family, you can leverage my partnerships and expertise. I want as many people to experience Cuba as possible. NOW is the time to go. Contact me and I’ll connect you with the right tours, accommodations, and people.
  • You can come with me this fall! I’m leading a people-to-people tour October 15-21st to Cuba, which is an accepted form of travel to Cuba by the U.S. government. The tour visits Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Bay of Pigs, and Havana. Learn more here. (**Minimum of 12 people, max 24. Deposit of $300 and paperwork need to be done before end of June**) **SOLD OUT as of July 2017**


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As always, here’s to looking up!


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