My Favorite Places in Cuba – Wanna Travel to Cuba with Me?


If you are curious about travel to Cuba and want to know what you have been missing, you have come to the right place! In this post, I’ll reveal my favorite places in Cuba not only with my description but also by the beautiful photography.  Enjoy this virtual tour of Cuba! It is a fascinating island and culture!


Cienfuegos is one of the lesser-known Cuban cities, but is one of my favorites. Located on the South central coast of Cuba, Cienfuegos has taken on the nickname of Pearl of the Sea because of its beautiful bay and natural harbor as well as its charm. Unlike other cities in Cuba, Cienfuegos has a neoclassical architecture and French influence. It is one of the cleanest of all cities and easy to get around. While enjoying the historic town center and José Martí Square or the beaches outside of town at Rancho Luna, you will notice reference to one important Cienfueguero (someone from Cienfuegos), Benny Moré, the famous bandleader and musician. His music is world renowned, but his song Cienfuegos and the lyrics “Cienfuegos es la ciudad que más me gusta a mí,” is on a billboard greeting the city’s visitors along side the bay and the malecón.



If you’re a shutterbug, Trinidad is your spot. Most of those colorful shots of cobblestoned streets and brightly painted buildings from Cuba are coming from this UNESCO Heritage site nicknamed the Sleeping Beauty of Cuba. Most would say that travel to Cuba is like traveling back in time, but not all areas have remained as preserved and beautiful as Trinidad. The narrow streets running to and around the Plaza Mayor are primarily pedestrian with many horse carts and few cars. To get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful city, enter the Palacio Cantero, a sugar baron’s former house converted into museum, and climb the stairs to the top of the tower.


Most likely your travels to Cuba whether by air or cruise, you will pass through Havana, a beautiful blend of old colonial charm, brilliant colors, and remnants of the early 1900’s opalescence. With two million inhabitants, you will note the energy in its streets as well as its world-renowned malecón, Seawall Boulevard, which stretches nearly eight kilometers. From the malecón, also known as the world’s largest sofa, you will witness every mode of transportation at once: classic American convertibles to big buses (camellos) and Russian Ladas and Mosoviches.

In Havana, you must take advantage of walking in Old Havana and its four principal squares each with a different purpose as well as allure. If you tire easily, remember that a good, strong café cubano or cold Cristal beer is at the next sidewalk café. And, if you decide you want to ride the streets of Old Havana one of the most common ways to get around is by bici-taxi. With as little as 5 CUC ($5.75), you can get from one square to the next and see Old Havana from a new perspective by a bicycle rickshaw.

If you are interested in traveling to Cuba with me, you are in luck! In conjunction with the launch of my latest book, Cubicle to Cuba: Desk Job to Dream Job, I’m leading exclusive five-day tours to Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Havana. Check out the May and October 2017 dates and details, here. (**SOLD OUT**) Don’t delay as I have only two-dozen spots. They’ll go fast!contact me. If you are interested in traveling to Cuba with me in November 2018, I have a group going to Havana, Viñales, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos. Contact me for details on November. However, if the timing is not right and you have a group of 10 family/friends that want to go with you, contact me.

Until our paths cross in Cuba…

Here’s to looking up!



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