When in Cuba, Save Water Drink Cuban Rum

When in Cuba, Save Water Drink Cuban Rum

No this isn’t a rum commercial nor a t-shirt.

I’m certain that you have gone to Mexico or have had a friend come back from Spring Break with one of those t-shirts that says, Save Water Drink Cerveza. Although they are great marketing for Mexican beers, they are also a humorous public health statement about Montezuma’s revenge.

When in Cuba, Switch Out the Cerveza for Cuban Rum

Havana_Club_Mojito_Havana_CubaLikewise, over the last five years, I have done the same with my trips to Cuba, switching out the cerveza for rum. Just like the Mexican t-shirt example, my slogan is a mixture of a public health statement, mojito marketing, and an important reminder that water is scarce in Cuba.

On multiple occasions, I have returned to my Cuban accommodations to find no running water to shower, flush the toilet, or wash my hands. This is common in Cuba. Even though the majority of the homes, businesses, and hotels in the cities of Cuba have city plumbing, it isn’t 24/7.

Let me take you for a walk in Old Havana where I explain the Cuban solution to the water scarcity. It is called a “Pipa.”

Watch this video travel tip for anyone that wants to travel to Cuba!

If you want to learn more about travel to Cuba and get Cuban cocktail recipes, get or gift a copy of Cubicle to Cuba.


The Cuban taxi driver does NOT come with the book, but the Cubicle to Cuba is available in English AND español.

Here’s to looking up!

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