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Arranged Marriage at Three and a Half-Year-Old

I hope the title was enough to grab your attention. Although common in past times and still very prominent in many cultures, you wouldn’t expect a 30-something American woman to write of a true life experience of an arranged marriage. In the early 80’s, there were various programs to help the refugees of Laos that…
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Scaling the Coliseum Walls – Rome Adventure

When you go to Rome there are certain sights that just cannot be missed: the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Spanish steps, many of the gelato stores, and of course the Coliseum. First Time to Rome My first time to Rome was on a very quick 2-day visit in late December about ten years ago. I remember…
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Riding a Camel in Morocco

There are certain things that you just don’t forget how to do like tying your shoe or riding a bike. Well, I have to say that riding a camel is certainly not one of those skills, but it is definitely unforgettable. My First Camel Riding Experience I rode my first and only camel while on…
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