Happy Look Up Day

If you haven’t heard of Look Up Day before, let me share with you why I created Look Up Day as well as its lesson.

On September 27, 2009, I had a traumatic accident. I large tree limb broke my neck in one fell swoop. It was a miracle that I survived and ever more fortunate that I recovered. Having a second chance, I wanted share my lesson from my accident and recovery.

I started brainstorming. I didn’t want to an annual celebration. That was like a birthday. Plus, I knew all too well that old habits would try to take over. It would be easy to fall into the same routine and follow society’s unwritten rules of working too hard, playing too little, and not appreciating the most important things in life: your health, your friends and family, and your freedom. I needed to do something that reminded others and myself more frequently than once a year, but daily was entirely too much. Since the accident occurred on the 27th, I concluded that monthly was perfect. I asked my peers and connections for a name for the 27th. I got a laundry list of names for this holiday. Many were religious, others in foreign languages, or dealing with the theme of rebirth or a second birthday. I steered away from those to find something that was more creative, yet encompassed the meaning of my many lessons.

When I received a recommendation from a peer, whom I had never met before but had spoken to on the phone and emailed, I knew it was spot on – Look Up Day. I thought it was perfection. It was a double entendre of being aware of your surroundings and positively spinning each situation. In essence, Look Up Day was designed to remind us all to take the time to notice our surroundings and look up for beauty, hazards, and more while positively spinning each situation by looking up.

Happy Look Up Day!

Here’s to looking up!


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