Taking the Road Less Traveled

Although I have been known to color between the lines and jump through various hoops to graduate from UW-Madison and also UM-Boston, I’ve found my biggest successes have come from creating an alternate path. I was reminded of this as I recently accomplished another feat, turning in my manuscript to my editor just this past weekend. With reason to celebrate, I didn’t decide to go with the masses and eat chips and dips on Superbowl Sunday and wake up Monday morning hungover, but chose to walk the Kalalau Trail on the North Shore of Kauai.

A hike along the inspirational, yet challenging Napali Coast was quite fitting. As I walked carrying my thirty-five pound pack, I flashed back to my recovery from a traumatic accident in 2009. In order to heal, my physical therapy and mediation were walking, miles upon miles in New York’s Hudson River Valley.

If you are presented with two roads in the woods, which will you choose?

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