Recreating My Cheese

In 2009, I had my cheese knocked out of me, not just moved. I suffered a traumatic accident that not only put my health on hold but also my career. After recovering nearly nine months later, my job no longer existed. The company decided to cut the fat and live off of residual income, no longer needing pr or marketing. Recently recovered, divorced, and unemployed, I had a big task, find a job. However, the question was what type of job?

I narrowed my search by process of elimination. I describe this and other career, relationship, health, and life-change topics in my up and coming memoir, When All Balls Drop-The Upside of Losing Everything.

See the excerpt below:

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had an opportunity to completely recreate myself, but into what? I certainly knew what I didn’t want to be from my past careers as a high school Spanish teacher, catering manager, marketing and events coordinator, and so on.

 So because I didn’t know what to do, I concentrated on piggybacking on my most recent job in marketing and PR. Still, a part of me wanted to do my own thing—maybe like Rose, having more fun and freedom, working for myself, and doing what I love.”

Although I was able to narrow the possible avenues of employment, I was tentative on going back to my same marketing and pr role. I had a possibility to recreate myself and in essence, recreate my cheese. I decided to weave my passion for writing into my career. I’m now a writer, multimedia storyteller (travel blog and this one), and adventurer (heading to New Zealand and Australia soon).

Are you ready to recreate your cheese? What will you be?


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