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amalfi-coast-italyAmalfi coastline tops the list of the most adventurous destinations in Italy. A trip to the Amalfi coastal beaches can help cultivate a stronger bonding between lovers, business relations, and families. The nature of the place explains itself just on arriving. It sits in the southern part of Italy in Salerno province. The location is easily reachable by roads, train, and ferry. Explore some of the things you can do when you tour the Amalfi Coast below.

Hit the Beaches

sunset-amalfi-coast-italyThere are several beaches along the coastal line of Amalfi beach that you can explore and have fun. Atrani offers single travelers and families the pleasures they desire to come back once more. The Dragon river estuary, which is mostly dry during the summer, divides this beach into two parts. If you love swimming, don’t stress yourself on which beach is best for you. There are sub beds all over the place to relax after bathing as well as umbrellas to provide shade.

The Douglis beach sits a kilometer away from the Amalfi coast. Beautiful and attractive natural features characterize it. There are bathing places and a large area for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather during the morning hours. You should visit the beach before noon.

Marina Grande beach is named after the ancient Maritime republic making it a famous and must-visit the region in the Amalfi coastal line. It is located directly opposite the picturesque of the town. Marina Grande beach is the largest of all the beaches on the Amalfi coast. The place is always crowded with people, especially during the summer season when the sun is hot. It features various bathing establishments and swimming pools.

Enjoy the History

Amalfi coast is one of the most developed and decent places to explore. It is characterized by many beaches, big restaurants, well-decorated umbrella shades, and millions of tourists exploring this natural site. Its landscape is favorable for the sailors who visit the beaches.

To learn the great history of this impressive Italian tourist destination, you take a privately guided Amalfi Coast tour to the Villa Cimbrone Gardens. It has the natural balcony with 18th-century marble busts, Duomo Di Sant’Andrea, the Crypt of St. Andrew or Duomo di Salerno, the Salerno’s main church containing the crypt holding the St. Mathew remains.

Try Sailing

sorrento-italyFor amazing sailing experiences, explore the Sorrento, which sits on a cliff facing Naples and lies between the sea and a mountain where vineyards and citrus groves surround it. Its landscape makes it the best place to enjoy boat riding. You can tour Procida, the island located at the center of two capes, Misano and Ischia.

This place does not have many sites to attract a large number of people making it less congested. Here you can freely and easily ride your boat for as long as you wish. Those who desire can as well tour Ischia, the largest island in Partnopean, which sits close to a volcanic mountain. It provides hot springs, impressive natural forests, and gardens, which tourists can tour while sailing through the waters.

Romantic Views

Amalfi has several beautiful romantic spots that you can visit. For example, Positano is an epitome of real coastal beauty alongside its close neighbor the Atrani, two of which offer not only eye-catching explorations but also perfect settings for shooting the most memorable Instagram photos. By visiting these places, you might even find your lifelong partner and see yourself applying for Italian dual citizenship through marriage or civil union. You never know.

Best Time to Visit

The most appropriate time to pay a visit to Amalfi is between May and September. During this period, you can plan a vacation to the beach and enjoy yourself before the winter season. Some people also prefer to visit the place in July and August, and so it won’t be crowded when you tour it during the early months of the year.

**Post contributed by peer travel writer, Angie Strayer, who is based in the U.K. but summers every year on the Amalfi Coast**


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