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Duomo_Florence_italyThey say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, that goes for this adventurer as well. Last month, I was able to feast my eyes (and stomach) on Florence, Italy. Yes, I did climb the Duomo. Also, I admired the details of the grand feat of David, which was much larger than I expected. And, I purchased a small silver charm to add to my necklace of the Fleur de Lis on the Ponte Vecchio. However, none of those places was my favorite sight in Florence. I fell in love with the Mercato Centrale.

All under one roof are butchers, cheesemongers, bakeries, gelaterias, wine markets, and countless restaurants with open kitchens serving Tuscan favorites. Of the multiple days that I stayed in Florence, I did stop for an intimate trattoria experience, but the rest of my meals were at the Mercato Centrale people watching and wishing that I had a bigger stomach or better said more stomachs like a cow.

Check out my culinary shots from my favorite Florence hot spot, Il Mercato Centrale:


Have you traveled to Florence and Tuscany?

What are your favorite culinary travel hot spots? 

I love hearing from my fellow adventurers and culinary travel enthusiasts.

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