Guide to the Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel


cuba-havana-at-nightAs a woman who loves solo adventures, you might be wondering what the best places are for your next vacation. There may be a lot of tourist spots or vacation destinations to choose from, but of course, you would want to choose the ones that will give you remarkable experiences. Here are the best destinations to go to as a solo female traveler.


cuba-malecon-havana-surfThis is the first in the list, which encourages you to go to Havana because of its remarkable experiences that it can offer to you. The first thing to know is Americans can travel there. You may explore the entire city in a 50’s convertible, a pull for many. Some locals tour the tourists around the city in exchange for a fee. Most of them will enlighten you about the history of some parts or maybe the whole Havana itself.

You may also visit their museum, Museo de la Revolucion. If you are a history-lover, this is a perfect place for you to go to as well, artifacts and exhibits are displayed about the-Cuban-revolt.

There are plenty of places to soak up the mambo with a glass of Havana Club, perhaps with a cigar. Up to you.


barcelona-vista-spainYou might not be expecting this European country, but yes – Barcelona! By the time you land there, you should get a taxi transfer from Barcelona airport to a spot in the shade to consume a glass of sangria. The city has beautiful architecture that you wander around and can gaze upon with amazement. You may also enjoy your fresh seafood while unwinding at their seaside. Another fantastic feature of the city is it experiences less rain, so there would be no party-pooper’ for your vacation!

Chobe National Park

sunset-chobe-national-parkBotswana is known to be a safe African country, especially for female travelers. Inside that country stands a beautiful paradise that you can explore Chobe Safari. It is also somewhat called ‘Africa’s Elephant Paradise’ because of the massive number of elephants that inhabit in the Chobe National Park.

There’s also an enjoyable boat safari on the river where you can witness the animals on the riverbanks as they drink from the river. You can also see breathtaking sunsets that you can post on social media platforms. Not only that, Chobe National Park is fit for those who are interested in wildlife photography.


maldives-aerial-viewIf you are looking for a luxury travel destination in Maldives, Maafushi is a perfect choice. The place you would want to stay at is the Maafushi Island. There are sandy beaches, as well as local cuisine that you would love to eat. There are also activities you can enjoy, such as kite surfing and windsurfing.


japan-kyoto-parkFor most people, Kyoto is considered to be the center of Japanese culture. There are temples you can explore as you immerse yourself in the elegance of the calming ambiance of the wooden structures. As a solo traveler, you can reflect better in here as you ponder over your questions in life.

If possible, you should visit all these destinations, which are appropriate for a solo female traveler. These adventures will build beautiful memories as you find out their cultures as well as when you meet the people.

**Post contributed by peer travel writer and solo traveler, Robin Smith, based in the U.K.**


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