Guide to Off the Beaten Track European Adventures


blejski-otok-sloveniaIf you are planning to visit Europe, but do not know which countries to go to, this article can help you find out the places that you should visit to make the most out of your European vacation! You can do it solo, with a partner, or even in a group. Here are the places you should visit for a better adventure on your travel vacation.


ireland-donegalIn this country, you can find a lot of places to go to, such as:



Bog landscapes

Serene Cemeteries

Eye-catching Castles

Aside from that, Irish cuisine is something you should never ignore. Besides, the most fun travel experience in Ireland is hiking in Donegal. Doing such experience does not only exercise your body through all different trails and looped hikes but also you will be provided with magnificent sceneries you’ve never seen before.


umbria-italyThe country of Italy is another remarkable place you should travel to. There are a lot of activities you could do here, such as roaming through the waters of Venice, coin throwing in the Trevi fountain, or checking out the magnificent architecture during the Renaissance era. You might also want to visit Umbria to stay in a villa as you unwind during your vacation. Umbria has plenty of hiking opportunities for you to take in the landscapes the cities don’t offer.


norway-lighthouseNorway is well known for the beauty of the shimmering curtain of northern lights. Not only that, but you may also visit the waterfalls in this Scandinavian nation. Given the fact of how much beauty it possesses, there’s no reason for you to ignore this country.

The best place to go to would be the region of Oslofjord, which is a cove of the Skagerrak Sea. It is so vast that it stretches to the south from Oslo to the lighthouses of Færder. You can enjoy the beach here as well as hiking in the natural walkway as well as the historical ruins of monasteries.



Are you interested in camping in the highlands? Then, Scotland is the perfect country for you. It’s rugged and rough, but captivating sceneries of landscape showcases its perfection to any exploration and adventures. You may also do mountain biking while you set your camp aside as you venture to explore more of the environment. Another great thing about off the beaten track Scottish highland camping is the breathtaking scenery that you could witness at high altitudes.


slovenia-mountainsThis beautiful country would surely captivate your heart that you would never want to leave it. This is like a realm where fairytales happen because of the beautiful scenery and natural beauty.

One spot you should visit in Ljubljana, which is its capital that is considered to be a precious jewel of Europe. It has an abundant history, incredible architecture, a healthy natural environment, and is filled with friendly citizens. You have a lot of activities to do, like munching over their delicious cuisines, taking a walk at their relaxing parks, cycling around the city, and visiting their galleries and museums.

You would never regret visiting these European countries because they offer a whole new, better adventure that will help you explore not only breathtaking scenery but also yourself.

**Post contributed by peer travel writer and adventure lover, Alex Aron, based in the U.K.**


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