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Many people ask me, “What is your favorite urban destination?” I counter by asking a question in return, “For what type of trip: family, solo, foodie, warm weather, cold weather, art, or other?” Once I get more of an idea of what he/she is looking for I can provide a better answer. Some of my favorites are listed below in a post written by a sassy peer travel writer, Joanne Marlon, who is based in the U.K.

Have fun with Joanne’s Best Cities to Visit on Your Travels!

Travelling is a chance to see new places and experience new cultures around the world. If you don’t spread your wings and go to new countries then you’re wasting an opportunity. There’s nothing wrong with going to the same place twice if you love it, of course, but you should try to see a little bit of everywhere. After all, exploring is about going on an adventure to new places. You don’t want to take the same trip to the same beach in Majorca every year. To help you on this mission, here are some of the best cities to visit on your travels.

The gigantic and seemingly-endless skyline of Singapore.


Technically, it’s a city-state, but Singapore is such an intriguing place to visit that we couldn’t leave it off this list. Make sure you head to the Marina Bay, first of all. The skyline you’ll see from here is absolutely mesmerising. Given the size of this island city, you’ll see fantastic skylines wherever you go, but Marina Bay is definitely the most iconic location in Singapore. Make sure you visit Marina Bay Sands, in particular. Even if you’re not much of a gambler, this is a casino like no other. Architecturally, it’s amazing. Have you ever seen a ship balanced across three skyscrapers? Well, you will have seen one after going there.

Singapore is a huge place. Unlike other cities on this list, it’s probably not possible to get a full flavour of the place during one short visit. Maybe you’ll want to find an affordable condo for rent whilst you’re there. That way, you can stay on the island for longer and spend some more time exploring the many different parts of this megacity. It’s a huge place with a lot to offer to the traveller who’s willing to go the extra mile and explore its many depths. As a final piece of advice, you need to visit the Esplanade. This performing arts centre puts on some fantastic shows throughout the year. It’s definitely worth a visit if you have some spare time in the city and you’re wondering what you haven’t seen yet.


This huge city in Morocco is an absolutely stunning place that you simply have to visit on your travels. Marrakech is a historical and cultural goldmine for the explorer who wants to see and experience new things. For starters, you need to visit the Marrakech Museum. It’s home to historical books, ancient pottery, and intriguing exhibits of contemporary and classic Moroccan art. But the building itself is also part of the experience. The museum is housed in the Dar Menebhi Palace in the old city centre, and the architecture is absolutely beautiful. There are lavish fountains, a hammam (they love public bathhouses), meticulously-designed tilework, and fascinating carvings. The cuisine in Marrakech is also incredible. Many of the popular dishes in the city are rich and spicy (without being too hot). You’ll find delicious meals containing spices such as chili, cinnamon, nutmeg, and turmeric.

The Arc de Triomphe captured against a warm sunset.


The capital of France is one of the most spectacular cities to visit in the entire world. That’s a big statement, but it’s one that few people would contest. You’ll have to start by seeing the Eiffel Tower, obviously. Heading to the highest point of this iconic landmark (the highest point that tourists are permitted to visit, to clarify) gives you a stunning view of the entire city. Of course, as demonstrated in the photo above, there are other architectural masterpieces besides the Eiffel Tower in the heart of this sprawling capital. The Arc de Triomphe is a magnificent monument that was built to commemorate the victory of Emperor Napoleon at Austerlitz. It’s well worth a visit whilst you’re in the city.

The architecture of this great city is a massive part of its appeal, but there’s more to this city than its stunning appearance. You need to make sure you find some time to visit the Louvre whilst you’re in Paris. The art museum gets millions of visitors every year, and it’s easy to see why. It’s home to some of the most famous art pieces in the world, such as the Mona Lisa (La Joconde), the Venus de Milo statue, and Liberty Leading the People. But those are just a few of the fantastic pieces you can find there. Make sure you also visit the breathtaking Jardin du Luxembourg whilst you’re in the city. This stunning garden is a natural paradise mixed with intriguing manmade structural pieces. It’s a picturesque haven in the centre of a busy city.


When people think of cities in England, most of them think of London and struggle beyond that. Whilst the capital city is a fantastic place to visit in terms of its diverse culture and fascinating history, there’s more to this country than one city. If you head to the north of England then you’ll find Manchester, the second-biggest urban area in the UK after London. But that doesn’t mean it’s second to the capital in every respect. It’s a little less crowded than London but just as exciting. Make sure you head to the Trafford Centre if you want to see one of the most architecturally-spectacular shopping centres in the country (and the world). There are plenty of fantastic restaurants, shops, and even entertainment facilities such as a laser tag room and a cinema.

Manchester also has an intriguing history. This English city helped to shape the world; it was the heart of the Industrial Revolution, and that led to the factories and manufacturing operations that influenced the world we have today. You can learn about this fascinating history by visiting the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s home to a beautiful collection of steam locomotives, machinery, old aeroplanes, and a replica of the world’s first stored computer programme (the “Manchester Baby”). You should also head to the stunning Manchester Art Gallery on Mosley Street. It’s a spectacular building in itself, but you’ll find even more impressive art pieces inside. You can see some absolutely stunning European paintings in the galleries of this intriguing museum. We’ve only just scratched the surface of the things Manchester has to offer, but you’ll have to visit the city for yourself if you really want to see what else there is to experience.

Buenos Aires

Finally, let’s talk about the capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city that can be an incredibly rewarding place to visit for travellers with all manner of preferences. If you like delicious food then you’re in luck; the Argentinian cuisine is absolutely exquisite in this city. In particular, their pizza is amazing. Yes, it’s an Italian meal, but you’ll start to wonder whether Italy is the only place that you can get authentic pizza after eating one in Buenos Aires. There’s something about the simplicity of pizza in this city that makes it so succulent and moreish. As mentioned on this site before, you need to try a margarita pie with fresh mozzarella and real tomatoes if you want the best possible experience. Cuisine aside, there are many other things to experience in Buenos Aires. Dancing is definitely something that you should squeeze into your schedule. The Argentinians know how to tango, and you should learn how to do so whilst you’re in the city. Buenos Aires is a fascinating and entirely unique place. You definitely need to visit it on your travels.

**Post contributed by sassy peer travel writer, Joanne Marlon. She calls home London, but has an insatiable wanderlust.**


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