5 Unmissable Places to Visit in Sri Lanka


sri-lankan-elephant-yala-national-parkSri Lanka is a great place to visit for all kinds of travellers, including solo adventurers. It has a fascinating culture and is filled with interesting ancient sites, not to mention breathtaking nature views and idyllic beaches. With so many things to see and do in Sri Lanka, it can be hard to decide which places to visit on your trip. To give you an idea, here are some of the unmissable places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Yala National Park

Sri Lanka is a popular destination for a safari in Asia. The country has several wildlife parks that are home to a wide variety of animals. Of all these parks, it is the Yala National Park that’s the most famous since it has one of the highest densities of leopards in the world. If you want to see wildlife up close, especially those elusive cats, then make sure to include Yala Park in your itinerary.

Bogawantalawa Valley

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s biggest producers of teas, which is why you’ll find various tea plantations all over the country. Exploring these vast tea plantations is a must during your trip. Aside from enjoying the magnificent views, you also get to learn more about tea production in Sri Lanka. The best place to see the tea plantations is to take a luxury tour of the Bogawantalawa Valley. You can take a day trip here or stay at a restored colonial bungalow within the estate.

Adam’s Peak

sunrise-adams-peak-sri-lankaOne of the most fascinating places to visit on your Sri Lankan trip is Adam’s Peak, a 2,243-meter tall mountain with a conical shape that’s located in the central region of the country. The hike to the top will require climbing through 6,000 crumbling steps. Yet, once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with the magnificent views of the surrounding landscapes. Aside from the mesmerizing landscape views, this place also carries religious importance. It is known for the Sri Pada or the footprints of Lord Buddha.


When visiting Sri Lanka, you will most likely be flying into Colombo, the country’s capital city. Most visitors will try and quickly move past the travel stresses of long flights and trying to claim any flight delays, skip the bustling city and would head directly to the countryside, where most of the tourist attractions are, however spending at least a day or two in Colombo is a good idea. With a rich culture and history, Colombo has plenty of interesting things that are waiting for you to discover. Aside from the colonial buildings, Colombo is also a haven for foodies. If you want to get a taste of the local Sri Lankan street foods, head to Galle Face Green, a scenic waterfront area lined with food stalls.


sri-lanka-beachThe best way to end your Sri Lankan trip is to visit one of the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. There are lots of beaches in Sri Lanka but if you want something that’s less crowded, head to Wadduwa. It’s a small seaside town located in the western portion of the county. Here, the beaches are beautiful yet there are only a few hotels and resorts around, which means you can frolic at the beach without getting bothered by the throngs of tourists!

**Post contributed by Eric Styles, an adventure travel writer from the U.K.**


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