Top 4 Things to Do in Norway

Having grown up in an area of rural Wisconsin where there are a lot of folks with Norweigan heritage, myself included. I know a thing or two about Norweigan cuisine like lefse, lutefisk, and krumkake.  However, I haven't taken a trip to experience Norway's food in person, nor its natural beauty. So I have called in my lifeline and peer travel blogger,  Lauren Owen of The Traveller's Guide by #ljojlo, to show us the ropes of what to do in Norway!

Let's enjoy the ride with Lauren!

Top 4 Things To Do In Norway

Oh Norway, you beautiful, beautiful country you! Just arriving in Norway should honestly be on your bucket list. I would truly find it hard to say there is a more spectacular country than Norway that I have been fortunate enough to visit. So if you do decide to step foot in this expensive, but it is so worth it, country here are my top 4 things to do.

See The Northern Lights

Northern_Lights_NorwayWhat is more beautiful than colourful dancing lights in the sky? Like really? Is there anything? When visiting Norway be sure to head north to the picturesque city of Tromsø, which is located under the aurora belt and therefore is a prime location to see the Aurora Borealis. We used a fantastic company, Chasing Lights, who will do anything in their power to optimise your chance or witnessing this beauty. They will even drive across the border into Finland or Sweden on the hunt for clear sky. Once clear sky has arrived, it is purely about being patient and waiting for the sky to play. And play it did.

Experience All Day Darkness

Svalbard_Islands_Norway Unique to the wintertime could see you experience 24-hour darkness. If you decide to venture north, say to the Svalbard Islands, which is 78 degrees north, you will undoubtedly encounter something like you never have before. If I am honest when I visited I thought we would at least see some twilight and boy was I wrong. In my defence, there was extensive cloud cover when we visited for three days, which didn’t help because apparently, that made it darker. In saying that though I loved my time in Svalbard enjoying this unique environment and experience.

Travel Via Rail

View_from_Train_NorwayWith Norway full of fjords and, snow-capped mountains and frankly, a whole heap of snow in the winter travelling by train is a must. To sit in a pristine Norwegian train and enjoy the scenery is honestly the best way to travel. We travelled from Oslo through to Bergan on the coast via the Flåm railway. Even though the Flåm railway is a quick journey, it is rated as one of the most picturesque train journeys across the world, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Even the ferocious winds we dealt with while changing trains did not turn us off this incredible journey.

Enjoy the Fjords

Fjords_and_Northern_Lights_NorwayNow you can’t go to Norway and not enjoy the fjords. Sheer cliffs, snow, waterfalls and a pleasant boat ride equate to a perfect day. Couple this with a train journey and you are onto a winner. There are fjords everywhere in Norway with their own unique feel. Considering I have only visited a few fjords I am no expert at this point. However, I cannot wait to go back and experience more. I mean if you are travelling slowly get yourself on the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo. Not only is this your transport but your accommodation overnight. And even better are the views as you come into Oslo early in the morning through the fjords. They are simply breathtaking.

**Post contributed by Lauren Owen of The Traveller's Guide by #ljojlo, which specializes in affordable yet luxurious couples travel.****

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  1. I've only been to Oslo and it's surroundings. Since then I've been planning to go back to the north to see the Northern Lights.

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