Look Up from Shipwreck Beach Lanai

Recently, I took a quick escape from Maui to Lanai with my PIC and a couple of friends. It was a quick 45-minute ferry ride from Lahaina to Lanai. We rented a 4×4 to explore off-the-beaten-path as well as some of Lanai’s highlights not to miss. One of which was Shipwreck Beach (image above and below).

Look Up from Shipwreck Beach Lanai


Although it is hard to think about a shipwreck as a positive thing, this shipwreck does have an upside. This 1940s tanker was intentionally sunk in this notoriously windy and treacherous channel on the Northside of Lanai. The YOGN-42 navy fuel barge along with about a dozen other ships are along the reef. Most are underneath the water’s surface providing a safe habitat for turtles, fish, sharks, and more. Eventually, all the ships will become part of the reef.

Be in the Moment & Find the Upside

At Shipwreck Beach, we intended on snorkeling, but as the winds and waves crashed into the shipwreck as well as the rocky coastline, we opted for another day and another beach. The end result was a snorkeling experience with turtles and beautiful coral from a more secluded beach (image above).

From turning a shipwreck into a positive thing as well as a Plan B into better than Plan A could have ever been, Lanai’s Shipwreck Beach was a reminder to Look Up:

  1. Be in the Moment
  2. Find the Upside

Update on Look Up Book

Because the Look Up Mantra is a life tool that can help everybody, I’ve decided to write a book solely upon it. However, this time it is not my story that I write about; I’m crafting stories from around the world of others’ inspirational stories of overcoming obstacles and triumphing against odds. I have nearly a dozen stories thus far. I’m looking for about a dozen more. Learn more about the Look Up Book Project and submit your story.

As always, here’s to looking up!


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