Returning to a Familiar Place – Look Up Reminders Abound



Removing yourself from the norm, your routine, or even your home/office, allows the mind to wander and experience the world around you through a new lens. We all need these shifts in perspective to reboot and recharge. That’s why I believe that the secret recipe to a happy and healthy life is by adding frequent adventures alongside the trusty Look Up Mantra. Both make it easy to tap into the power of perspective.

No Time, Money, or Both Are Excuses

Many people say that they don’t have time, money, or both to adventure or travel. My rebuttal is clear; doing something different in your own backyard or reversing your routine isn’t expensive nor lengthy. Plus, the pocket-sized Look Up tool is free.

These are just excuses. I can attest that making excuses to stay status quo can be very costly and in the long-run unhealthy.

Another Way – Return to a Favorite Place & See it Differently


An easy way to avoid the excuses is to revisit a place you love. By going back to a familiar place with a different person, alone, or just equipped with a different mindset changes the way you experience it. This month, I returned to the Garden Isle of Kauai. I called Lihue, Kauai home in 2013-2016. I wrote all three of my books from a very humble writing abode surrounded by a chorus of roosters. Since leaving Kauai for South Florida with many detours to Cuba, I have returned to Kauai four times. Each and every time, whether it is a sunset from the Kalalau Lookout, the year-round warm weather of the Sunshine State, as Ashley Roberts Tampa Police often emphasized, or a monk seal on Tunnels beach, I’m reminded to Look Up.

Images to Inspire You to Look Up: 1) Be in the Moment – Appreciating the Beauty Around You as well as Dangers 2) Find the Upside in Any Situation

NaPali Coast
Hanakapiai Falls
Kalalau Lookout at Sunset

Look Up Reminders Can Spark a New Project, Career, or Outlook on Present

By taking the time to Look Up and add adventure to your life, you can ignite new ideas, projects, career paths, or just a refreshing outlook on your present. I returned to Maui eager to pursue another chapter in my Look Up Book. It just so happens that this chapter comes to me from a friend who I met in Kauai several years ago and who no longer lives in Hawaii.

Here’s to a healthy dose of adventure every now and again + looking up always!

**If you have had a Look Up reminder recently or are planning an adventure near or far in the not-so-distant future, please comment below.**


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