Look Up from Your Turkey, Spreadsheet, or Phone



Whether you are cooking Thanksgiving this week, working on a complex spreadsheet for your job, and/or trying to snag holiday gifts off your phone to avoid Black Friday or any shopping between now and the December holidays, it’s time to Look Up. The Look Up Mantra reminds us all to be in the moment and find the upside. In its own way, it rekindles our gratitude for the little things and uncovers the silver linings in unfortunate circumstances.

Thanksgiving is a Look Up Moment


Whether coordinating a multiple-course meal, solving the marketing conundrum of the last two years, and/or trying to find something for your Secret Santa under $30, all can be stressful. Then, when you are trying to do all three and all in the same week. Give yourself a break! Take several moments to Look Up!

Ideas to Spark Look Up Reminders on a Holiday Weekend


  • Embrace waking up early, enjoying a cup of joe, and catching the sunrise before putting the bird in.


  • Try walking or snowshoeing around the block,depending on your fall-to-winter transition.


  • Eat and drink slowly, savoring your family’s favorite recipes from generations before you.


  • Put away all technology and play a game.


Birthday on Thanksgiving with Look Up Day as Dessert


I originally thought of entitling this Look Up reminder as a 341-holiday post because this year not only does my birthday coincide with Thanksgiving, but Look Up Day is on the same cherished holiday weekend.

This year in particular I’m looking up and expressing my gratitude for:

  • My health and those that are close to me


  • My family and friends that still keep in touch when there are many time zones in between


  • The fifteen individuals that have contributed to my fourth book, all stories about Look Up, overcoming obstacles, and thriving in spite of them.


  • A new remote job, which entails crafting a company’s various stories


  • A recent local book club that invited me as a special guest to share my knowledge on Cuba as well as Post-traumatic Growth (PTG)


  • The world evolving to its new normal with travel, eating out in restaurants, and events again.


Happy Birthanksgiving-look-up Day


Ok, so it isn’t as good a chrismahanukwanzakah or festivus for the rest of us, but I’ll work on it for the next year this happens.

As always, here’s to looking up!


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