Finding A Way To Earn Money While Country Hopping


If you are planning on going travelling in the near future, it makes sense to start looking for different ways to earn some money while you are hopping from country to country. After all, even if you are staying in hostels and visiting countries with a low cost of living, it still costs money and your savings can quickly dwindle if you are not careful. With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the different ways that you can make money while you are travelling so that you can ensure your bank balance does not end up running dry. 

  • Set-up your own vlog - One of the best ways to make money while you are in another country is to set up your own vlog. There is little denying that platforms like YouTube are thriving at the moment, and you can monetize your videos on here. Whenever someone engages with your video, it is a great opportunity for you to make money. Of course, it does all really depend on the following you have, but everyone needs to start somewhere. Plus, once the ball gets rolling on YouTube and more people come to your channel, there will be other ways for you to make money as well, for example, you may get offered a sponsorship deal. When it comes to taking videos, you will, of course, need some equipment to get started. You do not need to break the bank to do so but we would recommend spending some time online reading what other people have to say so that you can find equipment that is worth it. Moreover, make sure you are always extra careful when recording. There is nothing worse than spending hours taking a video only to realise near the end that your mic is off. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you were taking a video of something abroad that you will struggle to capture again. 


  • Start freelancing - Aside from setting up your own vlog, another way that you can make money while you are in another country is by freelancing. The freelance market is booming at the moment, especially considering that the pandemic forced a lot of people to look for other jobs. The good thing about freelancing while you are travelling is that it is very flexible, and so you can work in accordance with your travel schedule. There are a lot of different types of freelancing jobs that are available for people online today, so you are bound to find something that suits you. Content writing has become exceptionally popular, which involves writing blog posts, news stories, and such. However, there are plenty of other opportunities available in the freelance market as well. For example, you could offer graphic design services, complete admin work, edit videos, translate, and so on. There really is something for everyone and there are a lot of great websites whereby you can bid on the jobs that are available. It is important to be patient, though, because competition is fierce and you will not always get the work that you have bid on or sent in a proposal for. 


  • Trading - Another way that you can make money while you are abroad is via trading. Of course, we are not suggesting that you dive right in and start trading without the required knowledge or experience. There are a lot of great resources online, such as online courses, as well as trading textbooks, which can teach you everything you need to know to get started. With trading, nothing is guaranteed, though, so you do need to be cautious and you should only ever put down the money you can afford to lose because trades can go in directions you weren’t expecting!


  • Tutoring - You may think that you do not know anything that is worth tutoring about. However, we all have skills and life experiences that we can draw upon in order to help others. Whether you know a second language or you have taken a degree in a certain subject, or if you simply have life experience you can share in a certain area, such as mindset or modelling, tutoring is something you may want to consider. The scope of tutoring has expanded considerably in recent times thanks to the Internet. This is because it is easier for people to connect with others than ever before. You may want to provide live tutoring sessions for others over the Internet while travelling. Another opportunity is to create your own videos and then charge people for access to them.


  • Affiliate marketing - Last but not least, another suggestion that we have for you when it comes to earning money while travelling is affiliate marketing. For those who do not know, an affiliate marketer is someone who markets products and services for another company. You will have your own affiliate link that directs people to the website but tracks purchases too and links them back to you. If the company ends up making a sale via your affiliate link, you will earn a commission for this. This is how affiliate marketing works. This is a good option to consider when travelling because all you are going to need is a device like a laptop and an Internet connection. You can even do this via your smartphone too. The key is to choose a product that you are passionate about or believe in because then you will be able to sell it better.


As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can make money while you are on your travels. Plus, if you put the groundwork in now, it can make a big difference once you arrive at your destination, especially with things like running a vlog or freelancing writing. You can start looking for work now and building up your profile online so that you have something more established once you arrive overseas. 

*Post contributed by Zach Ellis, U.K.-based travel writer and coffee fanatic.*

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