Camping Beneath the Stars Look Up Reminder


On a recent mini-escape from "normal," the night sky provided a stellar Look Up reminder. This isn't the first time that the celestial has reminded me to Look Up. Last summer, the night sky above the Boundary Waters Canoe Area was one. However, this close-to-home getaway was certainly another 5-star experience, priceless, and humbling.

Look Up Reminder Camping Beneath the Stars

After a 4x4 drive of roughly an hour and a half from our home, we reached a spot to set up camp. With our tent ready and dinner served, we settled in for Mother Nature's blockbuster: Milky Way on a cloudless sky. This certainly reinforced the first of the Look Up Mantra's two components: 1) Be in the moment & 2) Find the upside.

The following morning, after a next to no sleep night because of howling winds, we both had to find the upside. We were NOT happy campers. We were tired and achy; plus, we needed to quickly return to reality from our one-night mini-adventure.  However, we found the upside; it was threefold.

  1. We packed plenty of Ibuprofen and Tiger Balm.
  2. Many people travel thousands of miles for a Milky Way view from Maui's epic skies. We had a short drive.
  3. Plus, a little camp stove and instant coffee got us ready to break down camp and head down the mountain. Caffeine is an unhappy camper's friend.

The moral of the story, it pays to Look Up. It's a lightweight life tool you can take with you anywhere. Look Up doesn't require batteries. Look Up works in pinches, messes, groggy mornings, and more. Try it!

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As always, here's to looking up!


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