Adventurous Accommodation Options For Your Next Trip


Adventurous accommodation options are ideal for those who love spending time in mother nature. Instead of spending your vacation in a hotel or villa, you can stay a night or more in an unusual and quirky accommodation. To discover the best adventurous options for accommodation while you travel here’s more.



Boats are an ideal mode of transport if you want to see a place from a different point of view. Instead of trawling the city or village streets every day, you can live on-board for a night or more. Even if you want to experience mooring up at a serene location, that is an option too. 

For the keen boaters out there, you may wish to hire a boat for a special occasion and take you and your guests around the local islands or on a trip to explore more of the coast.

Living on a boat is easy if you prepare well. You can spend days sailing and the nights soaking up the calm atmosphere and starry nights. Click here to learn more about how to hire a boat and the fun experiences you can have on them. 


Campervans are great for those who want to travel around a place and spend their time on the road. You can travel around with all of your equipment and park up anywhere that is safe and legal. 

Traveling in a campervan is an extremely freeing feeling. You can drive around and discover new adventures when you want to. You are not restricted to a particular setting or town. Instead, you can use the van to hop from town to town and explore more than you would by staying in a hotel. 

Depending on the size of the party, you can find small vans to house one or two guests. Or, you can find larger campervans that accommodate more. If there are several of you, you can hire campervans that allow you to extend the wall into a tent for overnight stays. 


Similar to a campervan, a caravan is another ideal option for those who want to set up camp for the night and drive around to explore as and when they want to. 

The difference with a caravan is that you attach them to your car and only use them as accommodation. They are often bigger in size, which is great to accommodate more people. 

Caravans are considered to be more livable. Thus, if you want something more comfortable for your travel then a caravan might be a better option than a campervan. However, more offer the adventure and fun that you will be looking for on your next adventure trip.


Sleeping outside does not just involve tents. Why not sleep directly under the stars in a hammock? Although this is only a feasible option for warmer climates, it is easily achieved. 

If you are visiting a warm country, then you get set up for the night on the beach and sleep under the stars. Hammocks can be extremely comfortable. You just need to ensure to keep your belongings safe so that when you are asleep, nothing can be stolen. 


If you are not fond of the idea of sleeping directly outside, you can have the same experience by sleeping in a treehouse. 

Treehouses are the ultimate escape if you want to relive your childhood dreams. You can find safe and comfortable treehouses around the world that allow you to enjoy inside-outside living. Often, treehouses are found in remote places, so you can live like a local and in with nature. 

Camping tents

Tents are a common option for adventure holidays. If you only have a small car, they are an ideal accommodation if you want to travel around. 

You can set up a tent anywhere legal and spend the night before heading off and exploring somewhere new the next day. They are also very inexpensive, which is ideal for those who like to travel on a budget. 

Log cabins

Log cabins are often nestled in the forest or remote places, which allow people to enjoy time connecting to nature and the outside world. They are often accommodations that lack telephone signals, which is ideal for those looking to truly adventure and disconnect from the world. 

These are kept warm with log fires, which is super cozy. You won’t have to worry about getting cold while staying out in nature if you light the fire before dusk and cozy up around the fire. 

*Post contributed by Jane Miles, an outdoors enthusiast and travel writer.*


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