A Look Up Reminder that You Wear

As we jump into a more normal summer than last, I wanted to share a Look Up reminder with you that you can wear.

Look Up Mantra Explained by Creator

Over ten years ago, I created the Look Up Mantra to pass on the wisdom that I learned from a terrible accident. Much like the pandemic of last year, my accident forced life as I knew it to pause. However, when the unforeseen happens, whether a tree falling or a global pandemic, we always have the Look Up Mantra.

Most simply, Look Up reminds us to be in the moment and find the upside.

From the Look Up Logo to Fun Look Up T-Shirts and Tanks

Roughly five years ago, I unveiled the Look Up logo that was created by Designarie. I knew that an image would inspire more people to embrace and use Look Up.

However, this year, I’ve taken it one step further. With the help of Designarie, we have created fun Look Up t-shirts and tank tops that not only remind us to Look Up but to also get outside, explore Mother Nature, and head on an adventure.

What Can You Do to Share the Look Up Mantra?

You can share the powerful life tool of Look Up with others by wearing your support of Look Up. Purchase your favorite or a couple of your favorites to wear on your adventures. Gift Look Up t-shirts and tank tops to others that could use a Look Up reminder or just a cool shirt.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the shirts as well as seeing pictures of you wearing them.

As always, here’s to looking up!


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