Being a Tourist Close to Home – Reminds Us to Look Up



Even though I try to take a deep dive into each place I call home, when I have visitors, I realize I don’t know it as well as I thought.

When did the last eruption happen?

What’s the name of that valley?

How do you say that in Hawaiian?

Thank goodness for Siri!

Over the last month, my PIC and I have had a couple of opportunities to have friends from neighboring islands and family from the mainland visit.  Having visitors pushed my PIC and me to become tourists close to home. In so doing, we left our normal pace and routine aside, seeing parts of Maui that we hadn’t ever before and some familiar spots with new eyes.

*BTW, everyone had a negative Covid test before coming per Hawai‘i law. Plus, our house is fully vaccinated.*

Reminder to Look Up – Be in the Moment & Find the Upside


For those that are new to the Look Up Mantra, I created it over ten years ago. It is a life tool that reminds us all to 1) Be in the Moment and 2) Find the Upside.  Although you can use Look Up anywhere and at any time, I have found that some activities spark tapping into the power of perspective more than others. For example, I have written previously on how traveling forces us to Look Up. Likewise, adventures can do the same. These activities facilitate switching gears from multi-tasking mania to being focused.

Being a Tourist in Your Own Hometown is Another Way to Look Up


Believe it or not! I have found the same can be said for being a tourist in your own hometown or backyard. I was first reminded of this by a recent trip to Haleakalā National Park. Mind you, I have gone to the park many times for the Geminids Meteor Shower, sunsets, Sliding Sands Hike, Pipiwai Hike, and more. However, I had never gone birding. My father-in-law, one of our visitors this month, is a birder. So, after driving up to the 10,000 ft summit (featured image and one of me above), the next thing on the bucket list was Hosmer’s Grove Trail. This trail is a moderate, half-mile loop walk amongst Cedar, Eucalyptus, and ‘Ōhi‘a trees. Bar none, it is the best bird watching on Maui. Without leaving the parking lot, we witnessed many ‘I‘iwi (pronounced ee-EE-vee). The ‘I‘iwi or the Hawaiian honeycreeper is an icon of the Hawaiian forests (seen above). On the loop, we also spotted other birds, but none as magnificent as the first one. It just goes to show that Mother Nature and her creations have a powerful way of twisting our arms to pay attention and be in the moment. This month, the reminder was the ‘I‘iwi.  Last month’s Look Up reminder was from Humpback Whales.

What’s Going to Be Your Look Up Reminder?


With still many obstacles with traveling or going a long distance from home, perhaps you can find a Look Up reminder close to home. There’s no excuse for not being able to be a tourist in your own surroundings. Trust me; you’ll learn a lot just by taking a different pace or mode of transportation around your area (bike, rollerblades, or kayak). Heck, pretend that you have limited time to witness the sunset or sunrise from the best place in your region. You would if you were a tourist. Why not if you are a resident?

I hope you find Look Up reminders in your local area and frequently!

As always, here’s to looking up!


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