Why Traveling Reminds Us All to Look Up

Why_Traveling_Reminds_Us_to_Look_Up_featured_image_from_the_BahamasFrom an early age, I caught the travel bug. At the time, it was because I was curious. Today, I continue to be curious about new people, cultures, tastes, sounds, and sights, but also I have found that traveling reminds me to Look Up.

Look Up Mantra

Look Up is a mantra that I created as a reminder to lesson from a life-changing accident I had in 2009. I knew that lessons are sometimes forgotten in the daily juggling act that we all do. So I started a Look Up Day, Look Up Mantra, and practicing what I preach. Every day I have an alert that reminds me to Look Up: 1) be in the moment & 2) find the upside. Whether I’m rushing to a lunch, en route to the airport, or pushing an aggressive deadline, I force a pause, like pressing restart.

Why Traveling Reminds Us All to Look Up Video

Join me from this beautiful beach in the Bahamas for a quickie video version of why OR continue reading below!

What I find when traveling is that because we are not in our routines. We pay more attention to the moment, the beauty around us as well as potential hazards. We also tend to laugh off or roll with the hiccups that inherently happen on the road. Why do we react like this while traveling but have a meltdown or bad day in our every day lives? The answer is mindset. Why not bring that same Look Up mindset to your norm? It is possible.

Here’s to looking up in the Bahamas or wherever you are!

7 Responses

  1. RK
    Totally Agree ! ..great video
    • Heidi Siefkas
      Thank you!
  2. I definitely need to learn to look up more. We travel with young kids at the moment which can be so stressful - but there are definitely moments of quiet reflection in there
  3. i had a very bad car accident 20 years ago it did change my attitude towards life, and it made me more thankful, but with time it looks like the "thankfulness" worn off. You just reminded me about it LOOK UP
  4. I think this is especially important in today's mobile phone/selfie/Instagram world. Sometimes we seem so intent on capturing what's happening around us on camera, that we forget to experience what's happening around us.
    • Heidi Siefkas
      Indeed. Look Up: 1) Be in the moment & 2) Find the upside!
  5. Oh yes, traveling especially to very remote places and close to nature makes me forget all I "have to" do and I just focus on here and now. These are beautiful moments :) I wish it was easier to get in this state in our busy every day life!

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