A Reminder to Look Up from Underwater


For those of you that have followed my books, travels, and Look Up reminders over the years, you know that I get my inspiration from the day-to-day, Mother Nature, and of course life's hiccups. Each month, I craft a Look Up story in hopes of reminding the world of the power of perspective. I created the Look Up Mantra in 2010 to remind us all, yes me included, of two things: 1) Be in the moment 2) Find the upside.

A Reminder to Look Up from Underwater


I shared with you last month about the fabulous Humpback Whale season in Maui. Since December, it has been going strong. Via land, boat, kayak, and SUP, I have seen breaches, spouts, tail flukes, and pectoral slaps. However, I had not heard whales singing. That was until last week. On two occasions, I was fortunate enough to hear whales singing: once above water the other underwater.

In the Moment with the Whales and Another Lucky Animal

Although both occurrences were amazing, I'll share with you the 241 Look Up moment I had while SCUBA diving on the Southside of Maui. Anyone who dives knows the number one rule of SCUBA is to breathe. You aren't supposed to hold your breath; however, I had to bend the rule a bit to experience this. Believe it or not, the noise of my own breathing is generally very meditative, but I needed some quiet to hone in on something special. As I followed my dive buddy (PIC) along the shallow reef, I held my breath in order to take in a whale concert. Yes, you read that correctly.

We were in too shallow of water to see then, but I certainly could hear them. Hearing whale songs while SCUBA diving was truly epic. It was a Look Up moment for sure, appreciating the moment from underwater. And then, this happened. Let me warn you. Be prepared to be awed. Make sure to turn on your audio! Witness this 241 Look Up moment!


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For those of you that love turtles, Maui is your place. Whether you snorkel, dive, or walk the beaches, you are bound to see sea turtles. However, many don't realize that turtles or honu are actually good luck. In Hawaiian culture, the green sea turtle is a symbol of good luck in the form of a guardian spirit. It represents the navigator, and the eternal link between man, the land and the sea.

Look Up from Anywhere

Although this Look Up story features a very unique and one-of-a-kind situation, you can use Look Up from anywhere. Regardless of where you are, you can choose to place yourself in the moment, appreciating the beauty as well as hazards around you. You can find beauty in snow-covered trees. Likewise, you can discover Mother Nature's masterpieces in your own backyard: birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and more. By stepping away from the hustle and bustle helps you reframe whatever obstacle, challenge, or life hiccup you are facing. Being in the moment helps you find the upside of any seemingly poopy situation.

I'd love to hear about your Look Up moments. Please share them below in the comments.

Here's to looking up from wherever you are!






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