Top Galentine’s Day Gifts



Galentine’s Day is up and coming, February 13th. It is no coincidence that this holiday is right before V-Day. It was founded on the idea that friendship is a relationship just as meaningful as anything romantic. Galentine’s Day or really any time of year is the right time for showing our closest friends that we love them. Although it isn’t mandatory to give gifts, who doesn’t love unwrapping a surprise from a friend.

Enjoy this roundup of the Top Galentine’s Day Gifts!

Empowerment Collection Jewelry



The just-released Empowerment Collection by WaypointGoods is a collection of handmade jewelry that represents the strength and power that we have as women.  Each piece is inspired by a trait of empowered women! Featured above are Indefinite Hope earrings and below Radiant Self Love necklace.



Choose from a total of four empowering accessories: Tenacious AF, Imperfect Balance, Radiant Self Love, and Indefinite Hope.

Select a wearable reminder of how powerful gals are!

The Power of the Pen – 3 Inspirational Memoirs



Three, based on true story books are a great gift; plus, they go well with hot chocolate, churros, and/or your beverage and sweet of your gal’s choice. When All Balls Drop, With New Eyes, and Cubicle to Cuba can be found online in all formats: print, ebook, and audio.

Wine-thirty? – Cool Wine T-Shirt & 20% Wine


Is it wine-thirty yet? For Galentine’s Day, why not give the gift of wine t-shirt to a special someone. The sizes and colors vary. However, the sizes run snug. The best advice is to buy up a size. AND, what better gift to give with a shirt than wine? Save 20% on your wine order if you take this Palate Club quiz!

A Getaway or a Staycation


By now most Gals are ready to get up and go explore. Why not put together a Gals-Only getaway or even a staycation. However, you can stay in style without breaking the bank. Get a deal with Agoda.

Travel-inspired Candles


A great way to relive a past trip or to inspire plans for a future one is a scent. These travel-inspired scents from the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, and more are OMMMazzzing gifts. Give your best gal a travel-inspired candle!

Scratch Off Maps – Keep the Adventures Coming


If your gal pals love discovering new places, a scratch-off map is great gift idea. Your bestie can get inspired to conquer all fifty states or even fifty countries. Purchase a scratch off map this Galentine’s Day!

Scarf with Pocket – Great Gift for Wanderlusters


Livin’ up any outfit, travel or other, with a sassy scarf with a hidden pocket. Carry your passport, cellphone, ID, or other leaving your hands free. In a wide variety of colors and styles, get your gal a travel scarf that is multi-purpose. As a bonus, if your bestie would like other outdoor gear like a puffy jacket, hiking boots, or other adventure accessories, you can save 10% with CODE BACKWOODS.

Have fun shopping for your gals! Happy Galentine’s Day!



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