Embrace Tennessee to Unlock Your Creative Talent



Travel shakes off your creative cells and helps you come up with new ideas. After a long year with social distancing restrictions and self-isolation policies, it’s fair to say that you’ve ended up in a creative hut. 

The US has a lot of inspiring places. But Tennessee’s creative force is at the epicenter of huge and diverse content creation. How can the southeastern state help you find your creative mojo back and hit the new year with a mind full of ideas? There’s a lot more to Tennessee than what first meets the eye. With its deep musical roots, the state has always been an ideal backdrop for musicians. But Nashville has also a keen eye for television shows and the digital sector, driving a diverse world of simultaneous content platforms. Yet it’s not just big cities that encourage artists and creators to share their talents. Small communities in Tennessee are developing diverse art scenes. If you are looking for a day trip at the heart of creativity, Tennessee is home to a fantastic community of artists and creative inspirations.

Relax on the water

Being creative is a process that requires concentration and mental space. However, after a year working at home flat out, you may find it hard to compartment your work. There’s a reason Tennessee is a creative giant: The state has some of the best river cruises in the country. The slow pace is relaxing. But as you get into the motion, you’ll find yourself becoming more aware of your surroundings, from the sound of the water to the gentle breeze in the tree leaves on the river bank. When everything else in life seems like it’s going one million miles an hour, a river cruise brings you back to yourself. It’s surprisingly grounding for a water activity! But more importantly, the moment you allow your mind to slow down, it can unlock its creative power. 

Laugh and scream, bring experiences into your life

What makes the creative duality of Tennessee is the combination of mesmerizing landscapes and thrilling activities. Most of us don’t realize the importance of serotonin and dopamine, the happiness neurotransmitters, in the creative process. The brain harnesses mood conditioning to develop creative thinking. Therefore, you need to cultivate serotonin-boosting activities, such as by using a guide to attractions in and around one of the most breathtaking sceneries in TN, the Great Smoky Mountains. Exposing your mind to the mountaineering landscape helps to broaden your mind. Inject some fun with a theme park or a trampoline area, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for positive inspiration. 

Go on an emotional journey

You can’t visit Tennessee without seeing the Country Music Capital of the World, Nashville. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibits the meaningful events that forever transformed music. You’ll recognize musicians and genres during your visit. More importantly, this is an introduction to attending live music events and celebrations, such as Tin Pan South. Music doesn’t only contribute to creativity, but it also takes you on an emotional journey of self-discovery. Will you have better and brighter ideas after experiencing the real life of Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline? The answer is yes! 


Tennessee is a state like no other that combines peaceful sceneries, thrilling attractions, and moving connections within a small area. For anyone on a creative rut, Tennessee has all the ingredients to revive your inspiration and find your creative potential. 

*Post contributed by peer travel lover and wordsmith, Joel Johnson*


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