Safe Travels: What You Need To Think About This Year


The world has changed in the last year or so, and we are all still riding the same storm and trying to get through it as safely as possible. Who would've thought that something like jumping on a plane, sailing a cruise ship or heading out on a road trip even would now be questionable. Travel was something many of us took for granted. But as things are starting to improve and we face a new normal, it might be time to start thinking about your holidays and excursions for the year ahead. However, it is worth noting some of the changes and the things you can do to keep you safe and well moving forward. Here are some suggestions.

Different regulations in different countries

One of the first things that you might have to consider when it comes to your travel plans this year is that each country may have different regulations for Covid-19. This is because each country may have had a different approach to tackling the virus. Some places may need social distancing of up to two meters, others may be happy with one meter. Some might require you to just wear a face mask indoors, others might want you to wear them in any public space inside or out. Knowing the regulations ahead of time will help you to better prepare for your trip and also avoid getting into trouble if you happen to unknowing break the guidance and rulings that are in place.     

When you might have to wear a face mask

Another thing to think about might be when you might need to wear a face mask. Some countries will have different regulations than others. For example, you might need to wear a face mask only in indoor places in one country, but in another, you may need to wear it in outdoor public places as well. Checking the guidance ahead of travel can help you to feel assured and know what to expect. Especially so that you don’t get into any trouble from local authorities. 

Being safe in general 

Of course, the same level of caution must be taken as you would have done when you traveled in the past. It isn’t just covid-19 that is a threat to you. You should also think about things such as staying safe when on excursions, or even in places like Disney World where you are jumping on rides and attractions. However, things can happen, so you can always be assured that you can speak to a Disney World personal injury attorney if needed. This can apply to any theme park around the world as roller coasters are often a danger that we don’t consider, but should. 

Visas and permissions to enter different countries

Last of all, make sure you know the necessary visas and permissions before jumping on a plane anywhere. It is often the last thing you think about, but could delay your travel or cause you to incur fines if not done properly. 

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to traveling this year.

*Post contributed by peer travel writer and coffee lover, Pam Smith*

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