The Best Way to Adventure in America- On The Water!



Is there anything better than being out on the water? If you’re a fan of this kind of vacation then you’ll be no stranger to incredible cruises, but have you experimented with other kinds of boating trips? Here are some ideas from a peer travel writer, Rosalie Connor, that are a little different to an ocean cruise.

Sailing and yachting

Sailing and yachting holidays are fun and glamorous. You can charter your own yacht, or hire staff to sail for you leaving you free to enjoy the ride. Luxurious and beautiful destinations with white sandy beaches and clear waters such as Miami make great places to do this, you can rent a boat at and other similar companies. Maui in Hawaii, and California are also great yachting destinations to consider. It might be an expensive addition to your trip, but is well worth the extra costs. You can enjoy the most breathtaking views from the water and get in some serious relaxing time.

River cruises

Rivers were once essential for things like transportation, food, and power. Society quite literally depended on them, and for this reason, many of the greatest built-up areas in the world were developed right around them- so travelling by river will take you right to the heart of the action. We no longer need rivers as a mode of transportation, so now they can be enjoyed for leisure. You don’t have to rent a car to drive from city to city; you don’t have to make overnight reservations; you don’t have worry about where you’re going to eat. A river cruise has everything you need in one place, essentially accommodation and transport in one. It’s a fun way to get around and enjoy the scenery, and is a far more relaxing way to get around than a crowded bus, or in a car on a traffic-packed road. You get to enjoy the slow yet relaxed pace on a spacious and luxurious river cruise boat. Some of the best river cruises in America are in Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee. And best of all, these are states that you might have not initially thought to visit, meaning you really get something different. If you’re guilty of going on the same vacations, or maybe you’re very well travelled and feel like you’ve done most things. Chances are, you’ve not done something like this.

Barge and canal boating

Just like rivers, canals were also once used as transport but are now generally free for leisure activities. Barge boating is a lot different to a river cruise, it’s much more humble and less glamorous but if you’re after something rustic and inexpensive then it could definitely be an option worth considering. There are barge rentals and vacations that can be found in just about every state in America, and it’s a fun alternative to camping.

Which kind of boating trip appeals to you most?

**Post contributed by Rosalie Connor, a U.K. travel writer who is currently based in California.**


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