Favorite Look Up Reminders of 2019


Look_Up_Mantra_and_Sunset_Fort_DeSoto_FloridaWe all need reminders. Life is busy. Sometimes the to-do list is really as long as a CVS receipt. That’s why I created the Look Up Mantra in 2010. Since then, I share Look Up with readers of my books and blog as well as for those that travel with me to Cuba, Japan, Ireland, and more. Also, I put together a Look Up post monthly to remind us all to:

  1. Be in the moment
  2. Find the upside

This year, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite Look Up reminder stories from around the world. Enjoy!

Reinforcing Look Up through SCUBA

Look Up Mantra Explained from the Kumano Kodo in Japan

Look Up from Walden Pond

As always, here’s to looking up!


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