Reinforcing the Look Up Mantra through SCUBA



How can I combine two of my favorite topics, adventure and the Look Up Mantra, into one story? That’s easy through scuba diving.

Over the last two years, I have been fortunate to speak to thousands of guests onboard Carnival Cruises going to Cuba. As the CEO (Cuba Experience Officer) onboard, my topic of expertise is the once forbidden island and its riches, including music, history, arts, and of course rum, cigars, classic cars, and coffee. However, cruising the Caribbean has been a win-win for me, giving me the opportunity to share my passion for Cuba and my book, Cubicle to Cuba, but also to dust off my scuba diving skills.

Looking Up in Cozumel on Drift Dive

Reminder to Look Up while Diving

Over the last two months, I have gotten my fins wet in Grand Cayman, Roatán, and Cozumel. All of my experiences reminded me of the power of perspective, which is the basis of the Look Up Mantra, 1) Be in the Moment & 2) Find the Upside. Also, these dives reinforced my belief in that adventure can be an excellent tool to spark perspective shifts.

Scuba Diving and With New Eyes

This isn’t a new revelation as I wrote about scuba diving in my second book, With New Eyes. Many think that strapping on a heavy oxygen tank and diving to depths beneath the surface can be uncomfortable. At times, it is when your ears don’t clear, your mask leaks, or the current is ripping; however, on all of my dives, I have experienced what I describe below in an excerpt from With New Eyes.

Although the gear is tremendously heavy, once you are in the water, you are in a controlled float. You effortlessly can explore another world, gliding forward, backward, upside down, or other to the most meditative sound of your own breath.

Another Bonus of Diving

Another bonus of diving is spotting the beauty of the underworld. In my recent dives, I’ve spotted lobsters, grouper, eels, wonderful reef walls, and countless schools of colorful fish. However, one of my favorite spottings is the sea turtle. Nearly a dozen turtles were spotted in Honduras and Cozumel.

Beautiful Sea Turtle Spotted in Cozumel, Mexico

What’s Your Next Adventure?

I encourage you to try an adventure whether in or out of the water to experience the same effects of Look Up and adventure, which are a sense of calm, a perspective shift on a current situation in your life, and a boost of energy. Find out more in my TEDx talk about adventure.

As always, here’s to looking up!


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