Cincinnati Adventure Travel – Top 4 Adventure Activities in the Queen City


Cincinnati_Ohio_SkylineThis fall, I went along for a ride with my PIC on a work trip to Cincinnati, Ohio. As it was my first time in Ohio, I was curious as to what adventures the Queen City or Cincy could provide.  The first thing that surprised me was landing at the airport in Kentucky instead of Ohio. That was my first geography lesson in Cincinnati; Cincy is a metropolitan hub for three neighboring states along the Ohio River: Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  So as you read these top 4 adventure activities in Cincinnati, please be advised some of the activities will start in Ohio and end in Kentucky or vice versa. However, don’t worry you are just a bridge away

Cincinnati Adventure Travel – Top 4 Adventure Activities in the Queen City


1. Take a cruise aboard a paddlewheel

To get my Cincinnati 101, including history and bearings, I hopped on an old-fashioned paddlewheel boat. I chose BB Riverboats who offer both day and evening tours with options for lunch or dinner cruises. Not only did I learn that the nickname of Queen City comes from Cincinnati’s prosperity in the 1800s as the Queen of the West, but it was also the place of the first vineyard in the United States, producing a sparkling wine called catawba. Cheers!

Smale_Riverfront_Park_Cincinnati2. Hit the pavement or the trails on your two feet

Cincinnati has many ways to get your steps in, whether you measure them with a pedometer or not. The first that I would recommend is walking the Smale Riverfront Park, which has swings for relaxing as well as a walking labyrinth for clearing your mind. The second walk mirrors the first but is on the Kentucky side of the river. Newport on the Levee is ideal for a leisurely river walk as well as entertainment from restaurants and arcade to the aquarium and a movie theatre. The third walk takes you to Devou Park with nature trails, bike rentals, scenic overlook (like the leading image), and cafe.


3. Bird’s eye view of the Queen City

While I was in town, there was a great opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of Cincinnati with the SkyStarWheel. I believe that it is a temporary stop for this ferris wheel, but as of publishing this post, it is still located off the Smale Riverfront Park and in between both the Bengal and Great American Stadium. As a bonus, it is quite affordable only $12.50 per person.


However, if your visit doesn’t coincide with the SkyStar, there are other options for a great view of the Queen City. For $6, you can go up the Carew Tower for its observation deck. Otherwise, you can visit a rooftop bar/restaurant to enjoy localvore, craft beers, and spirits like the Top of the Park at the Phelp’s Hotel or the Incline Public House.


4. See Cincy through new eyes via scooter

The most fun I had on my visit to Cincinnati was riding a scooter. You may have seen electric scooters in your town as I have in my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; however, I hadn’t taken the opportunity to ride one at home. So when in Cincinnati, I seized the day.

Not only does a Bird or Lime scooter tap into your inner child, but you can cover more ground. I did both riverside walks via the scooter in no time. Be aware that you will need to download the app for using the scooter as well as enter your credit card into the app.


Fun exploring Cincinnati by day and by night

If you are heading to the Queen City, I hope you have a blast retracing my adventures via paddlewheel, ferris wheel, electric scooter, and on foot. Don’t forget to reap the skyline views by night!

As always, here’s to looking up!



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