Remembering to Look Up in Ireland


Heidi_Siefkas_Cliff_of_Moher_IrelandHappy Look Up Day!

Although starting out as a holiday in 2010 to remind us all to: 1) Be in the moment & 2) Find the upside, Look Up Day has morphed into embracing the Look Up mantra/life tool for every day and anywhere you are.

Recently on an adventure to discover my roots in Ireland, I explored the Cliffs of Moher, which are NOT to be missed. The experience was humbling. The power of Mother Nature was felt from the wind and rain as well as heard from the crashing waves below. Walking along the slippery cliff trail was a reminder to Look Up.

Cliffs_of_Moher_Remembrance_Stones_IrelandThe pictures can’t capture the mixture of emotions felt on a cold, rainy, windy, and powerful hike such as this. I, along with the 15 others, lived in the moment by enjoying the beauty around us but also watching our step. We, additionally, found the upside of taking a chance on a gusty, Irish fall day, which was rewarding ourselves for an adventure well done. We warmed up at a pub with a round of Irish coffees and the best fish and chips on the Emerald Isle.

Here’s to looking up from wherever you are!


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