Look Up Tutorial Beachside


Look_Up_Mantra_in_Grand_Turk_by_Author_Heidi_SiefkasThere’s a famous quote by Karen Blixen, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, and the sea.”  I stand behind my peer author’s wisdom as I know a good workout, cry, and/or beach time can cure just about anything. I’ve used Blixen’s tip before. However, I would like to add my two cents as an Honorary Doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks (see back story). As a Doctor, I prescribe two words to cure anything, Look Up.

Look Up Prescribed

Regardless of where you are, how time-pressed you may be, or what a hot mess you look like, you can flip a switch just like that. In a matter of seconds, the Look Up Mantra reminds us all to 1) Be in the moment, appreciating the beauty around us as well as the hazards & 2) Find the upside in any situation as every hurdle, hiccup, and wound turns into wisdom.

Summer Essential – Look Up

Look_Up_Mantra_with_Beach_and_Flip_Flops_Grand_Turk_by_Heidi_SiefkasAs we start summer this Memorial Day weekend, I strongly suggest that you heed my advice as well as Blixen’s. So, for your summer beach adventures, I recommend that along with sunscreen, a bathing suit, and a cooler full of frosty drinks, you remember to pack the lightweight cure, Look Up.

As always, here’s to looking up!



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