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NOW is the time to travel to Cuba while Americans still can. However, before you do, you will need travel tips from a Cuba expert because Cuba is NOT a typical Caribbean destination or port.

Cuba Travel Tips from a Cuba Expert – Heidi Siefkas


Intro to Heidi, Your Cuba Expert

Hola, my name is Heidi Siefkas (Seef-kas). Before you ask, I’m not Cuban. However, my Cuban friends would say by osmosis, I’m at least 49% Cuban. I’ve spent over four hundred days on the island with close to a hundred trips over the last decade. Also, I’m the author of a Cuba travelogue called Cubicle to Cuba, and the CEO (Cuba Experience Officer) on many of Carnival’s ships going to Cuba.  In essence, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to Cuba and adventure. Let me be your Cuba guru!

Before You Go – Watch this Cuba 101 Video

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Year_of_Adventure_in_Review_with_Heidi_SiefkasI have plenty of cool Cuban videos on YouTube, photos on IG, and of course if you would like to travel with me to Cuba in 2019 on a cruise or 2020 on a private tour to Cuba, contact me.

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