Look Up and Small Changes Equals Big Shifts


Sunrise_Over_Port_of_Havana_Cuba_by_Heidi_SiefkasMy Routine is Traveling

I travel a lot. In fact, today I’m traveling. Over the last month, I have been on four cruises. Unlike many people that have a Monday-Friday job in an office, school, or other, I am on the road or the high seas Monday-Friday or perhaps Sunday-Thursday depending on how the cruise or tour itinerary is scheduled.

Traveling Forces All to Look Up

I have written before how traveling forces us to Look Up: 1) Be in the moment & 2) Find the upside. I firmly believe that by adding Look Up to your tool bag of tricks, you can overcome small obstacles, as well as the When All Balls Drop moments. Look Up forces you to pivot and see your situation or world differently.

Look Up + Small Changes in Routine

Recently, I was reminded of how Look Up shifts your perspective, but so does changing up a routine. This past week, I left one ship for another, continuing to educate travelers about Cuban culture, politics, and of course rum, cigars, and cars. I had gotten into a routine on my previous ship: where to eat, where to catch the best sunrise/sunset, and how to navigate the massive floating city. This week, as I share and celebrate Look Up Day with you, I am further reminded that small changes in routine can produce big shifts in perspective. Although I changed my mobile cubicle (aka cabin) from a ship sailing from Tampa to now a ship out of Miami, I saw ports that I had seen many times before with new eyes.

Routine Can Be Dangerous

Heidi_Siefkas_TEDx_Talk_Overcoming_Obstacles_and_Evolving_to_Your_LIfe_2.0I encourage you to make some small changes in your routine whether at the gym, at work, or on your commute to and from your commitments. Why? Routine can be dangerous because we check out and go on autopilot. You know the quote for Einstein that goes something like, “Doing the same action over and over and expecting a different result is insanity?” Well, we all want some sort of change, improvement, or version of ourselves, so why not watch a good TEDx talk. I suggest you watch my TEDx talk about my favorite life hack.

Do You Have to Go BIG or Go Home?

No, you don’t need to travel internationally or train for a long-distance race to tap into the power of perspective. I suggest using Look Up when your day is challenging or just to break up your same old routine. Then, to compliment Look Up, consciously choose to make small changes to see big shifts.

I look forward to your comments and stories!

As always, here’s to looking up!





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