Havana Turns 500 – Old Havana Cuba Tour with Author Heidi Siefkas


Celebrating a Milestone Birthday after Countless trips to the City of Columns

After nearly a decade of traveling to Cuba, many ask me, “What do you do in Havana, Cuba?” Believe it or not, Havana and Cuba never get old. The reason why is twofold: 1) Cuba is a fascinating place and 2) I try to do something new each and every time. I’ve gotten my toes done at a private nail salon. I went to the beaches of Playas del Este. On my last visit, for my very first time, I toured the Havana capitol, which has been under construction since 2010. The restoration team is almost ready to remove the dome’s scaffolding for a big birthday coming up in Havana, November 16, 2019. Yes, for Havana’s 500th birthday the Capitolio will finally be completed.

Take a Tour of Old Havana Cuba with Me with this 2-min video!

What would be an appropriate gift for turning 500?

Many think that a bouquet of sunflowers, a feast of roasted pork, yucca, and moros, or perhaps something else would be the best gift. However, I encourage you that the best gift is Travel to Cuba.

If you are interested in traveling to Cuba, contact me. I'll introduce you to trusted agencies and tour operators that can make your experience unforgettable.

**As of June 5th, 2019, US travel restrictions to Cuba have tightened. Cruises have been eliminated as well as People-to-People travel; however, Americans can still travel to Cuba. Read how.**


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If you have already traveled to Cuba, please share this post with someone who hasn't yet experienced it. You know as well as I that it is a special time to witness Havana. In the City of Columns, both the past and present coexist. However, those that travel to Cuba NOW get a preview of what Cuba 2.0 will be.

As always, here's to looking up!

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Havana. We went to Cuba But only one of the small island. We booked a trip to Havana but the planes all got grounded. This has given me the urge to go again. It just looks so special there.

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