Look Up – A Tool to Overcome and Evolve


If this is your first time or your umpteenth time reading my blog, I’m happy to have you here. One year ago, I did a TEDx talk in South Florida called, “Overcoming Coming Obstacles and Evolving to Your Life 2.0.” If you haven’t already seen, it please do so and leave a comment.

TEDx Talk Overcoming Obstacles & Evolving to Your Life 2.0 with Author Heidi Siefkas

Q&A after TEDx Talk

After this talk, the MC of the event opened it up to a Q&A. The first question from the audience was, “After overcoming tremendous odds, what advice do you give others who are going through challenging times?” I didn’t hesitate a moment. I learned a very important lesson from being knocked out cold and breaking my neck almost ten years ago. It is that we have very little control over this thing called life, but we do have the power of perspective. That’s when I answered, “The answer is to Look Up.”

Look Up Mantra Explained

I explained to the audience that I created Look Up in order to share the very same lesson of my accident with readers of my books and world. From wherever in the world and whatever you are going through, Look Up reminds us all to:

1) Be in the moment, appreciating the beauty around us as well as hazards

2) Find the upside in any situation. All hiccups, hurdles, and wounds turn into wisdom.

Whether you are stressed competing in the multitasking Olympics or perhaps you know someone who is going through sickness, divorce, or loss, Look Up helps. It immediately shifts your focus to the now. Look Up breaks up the chatter, allowing for you to see with heightened clarity the upside or perhaps upsides.

The Last Question of the TEDx Q&A

Heidi_Siefkas_QandA_TEDx_TalkAfter many other follow-up questions, the last one from the audience was, “What’s your next adventure?” At the time, I answered, “My next adventure is returning to my hometown of Trempealeau, Wisconsin for the fall colors.” Not all adventures need to be to new places. You can have adventures to familiar places and even your own backyard by doing your routine, route, or itinerary a bit differently. I challenge you to add adventure and Look Up to your life and those close to you.

As always, here’s to looking up!


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