Five Minute Tour of Old Havana Cuba


Have you always wanted to travel to Old Havana, Cuba?

NOW is the time to travel to Cuba to witness a special place where the past and the present coexist. Havana is one-of-a-kind.

Do you want to walk through history?

Join me for a five-minute spin around Old Havana Cuba. While walking through Old Havana’s four principal squares, you will learn insider travel tips as well as Cuban history.

As an extra bonus, here are my favorite places in each of Old Havana’s squares:


  • Plaza de San Francisco: Take a seat with the Chopin statue, admire the beauty of the Conversation statue, and touch the Knight of Paris for good luck (FYI: you’ll know where by the gold areas of the statue.)


  • Plaza Vieja: visit the unforgettable rooster statue, have a beer at the micro-brewery, enjoy a coffee at El Escorial, and drink the best daiquiri at Azucar


  • Plaza de la Catedral: get your cards or shells read by the Santeras, purchase a handmade diversity doll, try a mojito at Bodeguita del Medio, and climb the Cathedral’s belltower


Wanna learn more about how you can travel to Cuba including tours and cruises?

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